Saturday, March 26, 2011

Various - Future Echo Tape 01

Released in an edition of 50 copies free of charge. All tracks on A previously unreleased/demo/self-released, except A02 taken from "3 Uncommon Themes" (2010 0.5), A07 taken from "Moscow At Midnight" LP (2003 genetic music), A08 taken from "T.V. Eye" 7" (2010 5th Floor Ent.), A12 taken from "Irish Recording Tape" LP (2010 Enfant Terrible). All tracks on B taken from legal online sources or submitted for Future Echotape by the artists and owners of the songs. FOR PROMOTIONAL USE ONLY.

A01 Weltklang –Vorwärts
A02 1/2 –Wipe Out
A03 Bloodygrave & Die Lust! –Roboter Liebe
A04 Gertrud Stein –Vilnius Warschau Express
A05 My Elastic Eye –Lightning
A06 Daybed –God Of Destruction
A07 Television Set –The City
A08 Human Puppets –T.V. Eye
A09 Ditto:Destroyer –Plum
A10 Zastranienie –(Per)Verzija
A11 Nurvuss –Nothingday
A12 Agent Side Grinder –Telefunk
A13 Restless Ear Syndrome –Radio Moskau (Feat. Jay)
B01 Naughtiest Girl Was A Monitor, The –To Love Nuclear
B02 Future, The –Pulse Lovers
B03 Vildsvanen –Europe 1984
B04 Nine Circles –Mister Nothing
B05 Sudeten Creche –Are Kisses Out Of Fashion
B06 Metronomes, The –A Circuit Like Me
B07 Jeff And Jane Hudson –Help Me
B08 Moralische Endrüstung –Ich Liebte Alle
B09 Moß Garten –Modern Kvinnor
B10 Colin Potter –We Are So Glad
B11 Cultural Amnesia –Colour Blind
B12 Crash Course In Science –Second Glance
B13 Polyphonic Size –Nagasaki Mon Amour
B14 Art Fact –The Initial Merge