Biography & Manifesto

It is not everyday that 20JFG gets to feature contemporary politicised Serbian electro-body-pop music of a beauty and energy such that it flares over the cardboard industrial complex of the nouveau fashion zombies turning them into statues of ash which are then projected against concrete walls, like the nuclear shadows of humans caught in the midst of a party, a political rally, or both (they can be the same, or be made to be the same).

Zastranienie are the real deal. Read their manifesto and access their releases.

Ponder on the idea of pop as a dual use technology that can work as the framework for a debauch, but also a Samizdat for the transmission of subversive ideas and emotions. Also on the idea of industrial music not as a fashion statement or perversity token which is chosen or even surrendered to, but a reflex against authoritarianism, and the manifestation of a love/hate affair with technology developed while growing-up in the ground zero of a highly probable mechanised holocaust.

Get your cerebral cortex scraped by the wild convolutions of the most paranoid roland-burst we have had the pleasure of contending with since the halcyon days of Adult. Find an outlet to discharge the energy outputs thus generated. Heat. Dance. Friction. Action.


Zastranienie is a dynamic duo formed by two highly strong individuals - Boško and Ida. The two reside in Belgrade, Serbia and they feel rather frustrated with the environment - which is not refered to their homeland alone, but more in general terms of the world we live in.

The concept of Zastranienie is based on the theory of defamiliarization (better known as ‘Ostranenie’ to which Boško and Ida paraphrased their name), as conceived by Viktor Shklovsky, the Russian essayist.

Formed during summer of 2009, Zastranienie came up with the idea of creating virtually notorious but also a humourous project which will focus on audio-visual misconceptions of who they actually are or might be. Deliberately dismissing any ‘cult of personality’, they chose the musical concept as their ‘political’ ideology, a cabaret, preaching art phrases twisted into social issues.

Their debut was the song ‘Plesna pokazna vežba’ (‘Demonstrational Dance Exercise’) - based on the avantgarde disco-hit ‘Wunderbar’, originally released in 1982 by Christiane F - whom both, Boško and Ida admire and were deeply moved by her horrific life story. Zastranienie decided to record it in the wake of a cover-tribute, however, they gave it a life of their own - translating some of the lyrics from the original song but also adding their own lyrical tension, resulting in a club favourite with hilarious spoken introduction by a Serbian popular actress - also one of the duo’s heroines - Milena Dravić (originally taken from her obscure ‘Aerobika’ cassette).

Our appearance might seem like it's the bright side of silliness - the beauty of things that are unfairly dismissed by the obvious camouflage (in our case, the crazy costume). We are not the new secret eye of L.A.Y.L.A.H. or the new Studio 54 - though we do like Disco and don't believe God or Satan are as cool as everyone so desperately prefers to think. Neither God does provide space for lush lounge parties that feature billions of little angels playing harps, nor Satan acts in opposite, offering wild Miami Beach orgies at 666 degrees under direct sunlight. The world is a mess and we are using its fragments to play with; double rainbow, pepsi, coca-cola, the barbie complex, r'n'b whores, the duckface problem, the final solution, lol, metafolk, witch house, cancer of the society, macrobiotic elitism, macho shit, radical chic, and tits.


Zastranienie are interested in defamiliarity of things - meaning, whatever it is that you're thinking, think again.

Zastranienie do not, by any means, support ideas or ideologies that border political, social or otherwise extremes.

Zastranienie prefer freedom, humour and fun of the mind above forced symbolisms, norms and means by popular culture.

Zastranienie think el lissitzky, milena dravić viktor shklovsky and george orwell are gods but then again, they might be right.

Zastranienie is not a project or a band. It's a manifesto - regardless of their national, spiritual, political, apolitical, cultural or sexual selves.

Nothing in life is that serious... Recycle it until you get satisfactory results.

Who what, where and why is Zastranienie? Everybody knows, has no clue and speculates at the same time.

Zastranienie, like many others, believe in miracles - they just don't believe miracles actually happen.

Zastranienie is from Belgrade? Belgrade is the capital of serbia? Serbia is in Europe? What is "Europe"?


George Orwell - 1984

(1st&2nd edition published by BIGZ in Belgrade 1984.) This edition is very special to all members of Zastranienie for many reasons. Every member of our sect treasures his copy as a personal "Bible". In prophecy it is said "Thou shalt not forget thy copy of BIGZ 1st or 2nd edition when rapture comes..."

Lazar Markovich Lissitzky

His work greatly influenced the Bauhaus, constructivist movements, and Zastranienie. He experimented with production techniques and stylistic devices that would go on to dominate 20th-century graphic design.

Milena Dravić

 Yugoslavia's first and the biggest female movie star. The heroine of Zastranienie's childhood, she conquered their hearts with her unique spirit and good humor. She was equally memorable and believable as the tragic heroine in state-sponsored World War II epics, eccentric protagonist of experimental arthouse films like WR: Mysteries of the Organism and romantic comedies.

The test card aka colorbar 

so underrated yet so omnipresent. Its a mind reset. If you watch TV, listen to radio and read newspaper, you should take a deep breath and tune into this televised apex of civilization, the best TV programme in modern era.

Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia

Socialistic totalitarianism with a funny twist. Zastranienies tribute to remains of old intelligentsia could place them in the same drawer with other memorabilia of Yugo-nostalgia. Well, they did invent world war, so don't judge them.

Roland TR-707

Our weapon of choice, also dating back to 1984. A crucial part of our post-atomic survival kit (not for sale!!!). Blends in very well with white Soviet GP-5 gas mask (Also included in the Kit).